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What services

I offer 

Together we can make your business grow.

Running a business can be an insurmountable task and stressful at the best of times, where admin tasks and marketing can take away from the actual work you need to get done that ensures steady progress and growth. 

Recent studies have shown that a vast amount of small business owners stated that they need to spend at least 1-5 weekly hours on social media, larger business owners even more. They are struggling to get everything done in the time they have and this is where they would be more productive when working with Creatively Social. 

The services I provide are:-

  • FB /IG Posts/Ads 

  • Research, finding articles

  • Creating content 

  • Researching hashtags for Instagram

  • Increase exposure for potential sales

  • Increase profile and story views

  • Photography 

  • Updating and Maintenance of Social Media 

  • Scheduling Social Media 

  • Personalisation 

  • Raising awareness of Brand/ business, local and nationwide.

  • Engage, interact, respond and collaborate with target audience

A good Facebook or Instagram Post will make the difference between your success or failure. Social Media Marketing is vital if you want online engagement from your clients. 

I am here to provide the best services regarding your Facebook Page or Instagram Profile.

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